Exodus Restro Bistro

Modern Mediterranean Israeli Cuisine

Our cuisine is based on Mediterranean Israeli food. We use the best of modern techniques and innovative serving methods while retaining very unique flavors. Our ingredients are 100% fresh. 

Exodus Chefs


Fabian Rambow

Since childhood, Fabian has been enthusiastic about cooking and experimenting with a wide variety of ingredients. He loved to watch his grandmother and mother cook. As soon as he finished school, it was clear to him to learn the profession of a chef.

He moved from Ludwigslust to Berlin. After three years of hard apprenticeship and successfully completed training, he was immediately drawn into the fine world of star cuisine.

In Berlin and Osnabrück, Fabian developed his skills and deepened his knowledge. For Fabian it was now clear that he would like to present his knowledge and his personal cooking style with his own team.

Since the Israeli cuisine met his taste, with different spices, ingredients and preparation methods, he was very interested in working with Aviv Moshe. Now he presents refined and creative Mediterranean – Israeli cuisine in Exodus.

Sous Chef
Cristian Colcer

Cristian, growing up in Romania, was always fascinated by television chefs andtheir ability to handle knifes.

At age 15 he entered the culinary world after moving to Italy, where he quickly fell in love with the Mediterranean flavours. He dedicated himself to learning the art of cooking and pursuing his dream of traveling across Europe to perfect his craft.

By living in Italy, England, Portugal and Germany, he absorbed knowledge from seasoned Chefs across the continent. His philosophy is based on respect and understanding of the ingredients, mastery of cooking techniques and the exploration of flavours.

In collaboration with Chef Aviv Moshe at Exodus, his journey continues across the Mediterranean, to explore the taste of Israel with an international twist in
the heart of Charlottenburg.


Restaurant Manager
Anna Triltsch

Anna was born in Berlin, completed her apprenticeship as a hotel manager in one of the oldest and most stylish 5 star hotels in Berlin.

After successfully passing the exam, her professional interest focused on setting up and running large banquet events in the hotel. Frau Triltsch was able to acquire a great deal of “know-how” in this area over many years. Subsequently, she switched to a catering company in order to develop her business management and human resources management skills. Most recently, she worked for a large fashion company as “Store Leader”.

Today Ms. Triltsch is available to the Exodus team and restaurant in helping to server our guest.

Exodus Restaurant